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Thirsty Crow

Branding development for Thirsty Crow






In Aesop’s fable a thirsty crow comes upon a pitcher with a bit of water at the bottom. He is unable to overturn the pitcher so he begins to drop pebbles into it until the water eventually rises enough for him to drink it. It’s an elegant and simple solution devised by one of the most clever creatures in the animal kingdom. In the spirit of this ingenious bird, Thirsty Crow, LLC, a mechanical and integration consultancy, seeks to provide intelligent solutions to inefficient and unreliable processes for their clients.

For this project, we developed a brand that would stand out among others in the engineering world. This is a different kind of company with a fresh approach and they needed something that communicated that without veering away from accessibility for their clientele. The logo visually calls back to the genesis of the name and also references the engineering skids they design. The result is bold and memorable brand that speaks for the company in a way that separates them from the competition.


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February 18, 2014