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Bear Left Bear

Bear Left Bear is a graphic design house. We pick the word house because it is at hand and also very accurate. Most days, we work out of the coffee house or our house. We develop identity and carry design into print and web. Here is a little bit about the us of Bear Left Bear. We are Maralynn and Phil Jacoby. We Live in Pittsburgh.





I grew up in Tennessee where i was lucky enough to have a big family who works hard and laughs hard. I got my start at a letterpress shop in Knoxville where I couldn’t help but fall for hand-drawn / hand-carved / and the importance of paying careful attention to letters. In Chicago, I worked at a publishing company while I finished up school and learned a ton simply from living there. In 2010, I moved to Pittsburgh where I’ve gotten to participate in a thriving creative community and, turns out, meet Phil: my partner. and my partner.



I grew up in Livonia, Michigan. I was first given an appreciation for design by my father, a graphic designer and illustrator by trade. Though I never had his knack for drawing, I nurtured a similar instinct to hone a unique lens through which to view the world. I studied writing in college and in 2008 I moved to Pittsburgh where I have worked as an educator, musician, video producer, and designer.



Our mutual love of communication and the desire to achieve it as beautifully as possible is what led to Bear Left Bear. Every project is trying to tell a story. Design is how that story gets translated to the world. We want to help you tell the best story possible.

We do:

We love to work with small businesses and startups to create a set of materials to visually communicate and position. These include logo, mark, social profile pictures, and a style guide describing rules of thumb for type treatments and colors.

Print Design
We design for print including but not limited to the following: brochures, posters, invitations, banners, menus, book covers, business cards, & leave behinds.

Web Development
We work on a lot of small informational or portfolio websites. We use subtle animation, video, or illustrative elements to create simple, navigable, hopefully noteworthy sites undergirded with custom functionality.

Custom Graphics
We use hand-drawn illustrations and 3D modeled graphics to support our print and web design. Custom graphics are particularly useful in creating info graphics.

Please contact us to discuss any potential projects.


Selected Clients:

A1 Concrete Leveling
Bike Pittsburgh
Catalpa Capital Management
Commonplace Coffee
East End Food Coop
Grow Pittsburgh
Girls Math and Science Partnership
Mothlight Creative
Pearson Education
Rainwater Resources
Saxifrage School
Thirsty Crow
Wealth Management Strategies